Featured Poet #1: Jill Wallis

Our fourth featured guest, and the first to be introduced here, is Jill Wallis.

Jill Wallis has turned to poetry at key times in her life. Mainly she has written for fun, especially satirical poems/songs to be performed by her team at end of term parties, when she was a Head of English in a Bedfordshire comprehensive school. The Government was always generous in providing ample material to satirise in the world of education! She is also part of the RRRANTS performance poetry group. However her major work was produced following the death of her much loved husband, Chris, at the age of 48, from a brain tumour. Prevented by his illness from having the conversations with him she longed to have, she found she needed to write these down in the months that followed. The result was a collection called Dialogue for One, which won the inaugural Littoral poetry magazine prize. She continues to write poetry, partly about life on her own but also about the countryside around her Buckinghamshire village home, where she loves to walk. She is a University lecturer in her spare time!

Jill is currently the poetry editor for the annual Rhyme and Reason book of local poetry and prose, published and sold to raise money for the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home. Submissions for the 2013 book, on the theme of ‘The Seasons’, will be welcome soon.

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