Featured Poet #1: Mark Burnhope

Mark Burnhope was born in 1982 and currently lives in Bournemouth, Dorset. His poems and reviews have appeared in print and online publications including MagmaHorizon ReviewNth Position,Stride and The Best British Poetry 2011 (Salt). His debut pamphlet, The Snowboy is available from Salt Publishing.

He blogs here where you can find links to reviews, news and interviews.

What others have said of The Snowboy

‘I’m very rarely excited and interested by new books of poetry, being a curmudgeonly sort. But there’s something in Burnhope’s debut which makes me hope he isn’t easily satisfied by what he’s got here. Because if he is, he will have thrown away his chance to be a truly excellent poet.’ –Jane Holland, Raw Light

‘Burnhope’s poems are compressed and take a little work, but reward it. This is a poet who can make his local landscape sing, and who can express grief for a failed marriage, and a child lost to miscarriage, in ways that feel both personal and universal.’ –Marcia Menter, Sphinx


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